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  • Bill to Change Permit Process for Mines in Sensitive Aquifer Clears Senate Committtee Senate Bill 1184 would do away with informal hearings at Department of Mines.

    Legislature is in Session Click here to search bills.

    View live Oklahoma House and Senate. Click here.

    Give Governor Mary Fallin suggestions for Oklahoma's government. Click here.

  • Oklahoma Water Resources Board

    OWRB Board Meetings & Related Documents

    CPASA makes final comments on well spacing as OWRB implements SB288

    Max Annual Yield Determination Appealed to District Court. OWRB approved Maximum Annual Yield at 0.2 AF, a level aimed at protecting the sustainability of the aquifer. Opponents of the ruling have appealed the substance of the OWRB's decision to district court.

    Certain interest groups do oppose the MAY and sustainable management of the aquifer. See who they are here.

    CONTACT your representative in these opposition groups.

    SUPPORT the OWRB Maximum Annual Yield (MAY) Order.

    OK Comprehensive Water Plan Final Report

  • Aggregate Mining
  • SB1184 (Paddack) removes the informal conference from the Department of Mines permitting process. It passed out of committee by a vote of 12-0 the week of 2/17/14. The title was stricken from the bill, so amendments can be added when the bill is heard on the Senate floor in the next week or so. Rep. McCall is the House author. Rep. McBride, Vice Chair, House Utility and Environmental Regulation Committee, has committed to helping McCall shepherd the bill through the House.

    The Impact of Mining in the Arbuckle-Simpson Aquifer

    Arbuckle Aggregates The ODM has issued its Departmental Decision conditionally approving Arbuckle Aggregates' mining permit. CPASA is submitting a request for a formal hearing. A hearing request form can be downloaded here.

    Roos Ranch (RRI) applied to amend its water use permit to include aggregate mining. On September 17, 2013, the OWRB voted to postpone consideration of Roos Ranch's change of use permit until after the Arbuckle Simpson Maximum Annual Yield has been determined.

    TXI has applied for a permit from Oklahoma Department of Mines (ODM) to expand its already sprawling surface mining operation to include 900 additional acres. CPASA is protesting the application because it believes that TXI's use of mining pit water without a site-specific water management and conservation plan mandated by Oklahoma's law (SB597) constitutes waste.

    Pit Water Rules for SB597 were signed into law in 2013. These rules control pit water in mines atop sole source aquifers. Summary of Management Plans Quarterly reports are now being filed and can be viewed here

  • Blue River Oka' Yanahli is The Nature Conservancy's first new preserve in nine years and its first restoration project of this scale in the state. Read more here.
  • Comment Section Do people in the area where water arises have first claim to it? Understanding Transfers: Community Rights and the Privatization of Water
  • Other Stuff

    Groundwater Depletion May Accelerate Sea Level Rise.

    How to Reduce Drought Risk Western Drought Coordination Council step-by-step process to identify actions that can be taken to reduce potential drought-related impacts.

    Global Cloud Map

  • Annual Membership Meeting CPASA's Annual Membership Meeting was held October 8, 2013 in Davis City Park. Congratulations to former Senator Crutchfield on receiving the Oka Award for 2013! Crutchfield (shown here on left) was presented the award by Amy Ford, CPASA President, with Senator Frank Simpson (right) lending assistance.
  • The United State of Oklahoma In depth look at the unique history of the Chickasaw and Choctaw nations and the events shaping our water future. See other videos at WaterFutureTV

    OETA Story on Water Wars
    CPASA Water Town Hall Videos
    A Treasure Threatened
    Cadillac Desert Videos Based on Marc Reisner's Cadillac Desert (1986) and Sandra Postel's Last Oasis (1992).
    Land Over Trouble Waters  ECU students launch video about ASA.
    Springs of Blue River "...a nice job of 'looking below the surface'...Kevin has a knack for displaying the unique beauty of each water body and other geological features." John Bruno
    Byrd's Mill Spring. Byrds Mill Spring is the largest spring in Oklahoma discharging 20 million gallons of water per day. The water is some of the purest spring water in the world.
    Underwater at Byrd's Mill Spring
    Oklahoma's Water Fight
    Pennington Creek
    Pilot Springs Pilot Springs emanates from the Arbuckle-Simpson aquifer, supplying the water for Pennington Creek.
    What is Karst? An overview of the importance of karst terrains for human and environmental health. Video produced by University of South Florida.
    Citizens for the Protection of the Arbuckle Simpson Aquifer
    Aquifer: Science Background Reading Threatened Species Photos
    Law: 1972 1984 2002 Title 82
    Protection: PESA Sparks Blue River Meridian
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