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Ashby Investments

December 2019

As some of you are aware, a mining application for Ashby Investments, LLC has been published in the Johnston County Sentinel. According to the legal description of the property, it appears that this mine is just north of Ravia off Highway 1 and due south of Hansen Aggregates. Below you'll find a map with a rough estimation of where the Ashby mine area would located. (The Ashby mine site location is noted in red.)


CPASA has requested a full copy of the mining application and has filed a request for an informal hearing as have some other area residents. We strongly encourage anyone who has a concern about yet another 1,200 acres being mined in the area to also request an informal conference. Requests for informal conference are due to the Department of Mines by January 8, 2020. By clicking here you will find a sample form that we’ve used in the past with the instructions on how to submit your request.

If you choose to request an informal conference on the Ashby mining application and have any questions, you’re more than welcome to contact me by phone or email. I know this process can often seem overwhelming, and I’ll be happy to visit with you throughout to help simplify. Having been through this a time or two, I know way more about this process than I ever really wanted to know.

We’re a little befuzzled as to why this application is moving forward through an agency that was directed by statute this past legislative session to not process new mining applications as of November 1, 2019. We’re checking on this and will let you know when we have the answers.


As always, none of this would be possible without all your dedication.


Amy Ford

CPASA President

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