Seeps turn into springs. Springs become creeks. Creeks create rivers and falls. Rivers flow into lakes.


Anderson Spring

Antelope Spring

Barnett Spring

Bilbo Spring

Bitter Enders Spring

Black Sulpur Spring

Blue Hole Spring

Boiling Spring

Bromide Spring

Buck Irving Spring

Buffalo Spring

Byrd's Mill Spring

Canyon Spring

Catfish Pond Springs

Chapman Spring

Clement Spring

Coffee Pot Spring

Cold Spring

Falls Creek Assembly Spring

Five Mile Spring

Gibson Spring

Gray Soring

Gregor Spring

Gum Spring

Hillside Spring

Houghtubby Spring

Islee Spring

Laney Spring

Lowrance Spring

Lucas Spring

McIninch Spring

Medicine Spring

Nelson Spring

Pavilion Spring

Pole Spring

Racine Spring

Rock Creek Spring

Rutherford Spring

Seven Springs 2

Shadowfax Spring

Shady Spring

Sheep Creek Spring

Sheffield Spring

Smith Spring

South Spring

Spring Creek Spring

Stallings Spring

Three Springs

Tired Spring


Unnamed Springs(50)

Viola Spring

Walnut Spring

Washburn Spring

Webb Spring

White Sulphur Spring

Wide Springs

Wildcat Spring

Williams Spring

Willis Spring

Wolf Spring

Woodford Spring

Blue River

Wasita River


Cedar Falls

Desperado Spring Falls

Turner Falls


Cherokee Lake

Duncan Lake

Lake Humphreys

Lake of the Arbuckles

Mineral Bayou

Pauls Valley Lake

Ada City Lake

Verterans Lake

Mountain Lake

Wapanucka Lake

Ream Lake

Lake Jaean Neustadt

Rock Creek Resevoir

Lake Texoma


Bear Creek

Big Branch

Black Bear Creek

Bois d' Arc Creek

Bokchito Creek

Buck Creek

Buzzard Creek

Byrds Mill Creek

Caddo Creek

Canadian Sandy Creek

Caney Creek

Cherokee Sandy Creek

Chigley Sandy Creek

Clear Boggy Creek

Clear Creek

Coal Creek

Colbert Creek

Coon Creek

Cowpen Creek

Dancing Rabbit Creek

Delaware Creek

Dry Sandy Creek

Eightmile Creek

Fronterhouse Creek

Garrison Creek 

Glasses Creek

Goose Creek

Guy Sandy Creek

Henry House Creek

Hickory Creek

Honey Creek

J&N Creek

Jack Creek

Kanola Creek

Kickapoo Sandy Creek

Leader Creek

Limestone Creek

Little Blue Creek

Little Blue River

Little Sandy Creek

Long Brach

Massey Creek

Mill Creek

Negro Creek

Newberry Creek

Oil Creek

Owl Creek

Peavine Creek

Pecan Creek

Pennington Creek

Philips Creek

Red Branch

Reeder Creek

Rock Creek

Ross Creek

Rush Creek

Salt Creek

Sandy Creek

Shawnee Creek

Sheep Creek

Spring Creek

Sulphur Creek

Threemile Creek

Turkey Sandy Creek

Walnut Creek

Watson Creek

Wildhorse Creek

Wolf Creek

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