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October 23, 2019

Annual Meeting Location Change

Due to significant rain chances in the forecast for tomorrow, we are moving the CPASA Annual Meeting indoors. The meeting will now be held in the Student Union Ballroom at Murray State College (1009 Dormitory Rd, Tishomingo, OK 73460). We will begin serving hot dogs at 5:30pm and the meeting will start at 6:00pm. 

October 24, 2019

It’s that time of year again! We’re excited to announce that the CPASA Annual Meeting will be held on Thursday, October 24th, 2019, at Pennington Creek Park in Tishomingo. We will begin serving hot dogs at 5:30pm and the meeting will start at 6:00pm. In the event of inclement weather, the meeting will be held in the Student Union Ballroom at Murray State College (1009 Dormitory Rd, Tishomingo, OK 73460). Please check our website and Facebook page for updates on the weather and the exact meeting location.


While it sometimes seems quiet on the water front, we know that’s an illusion. CPASA continues to stay diligent in tracking the latest developments in water policy so we can keep you informed on what’s going on. The relationships we’ve worked so hard to build and maintain over the years with all of our area legislators help us to stay engaged in protecting the precious water resources of the Arbuckle-Simpson Aquifer.

CPASA’s also been working hard on a number of legislative and legal fronts and we will give a more in-depth overview of these and their current status at the annual meeting. We are also reviewing CPASA’s by-laws and hope to have any necessary amendments to these for your approval on the 24th.

Thank you again for your partnership and dedication to helping us protect the Arbuckle-Simpson Aquifer, the lifeblood of this treasured area that so many of us call home. We definitely couldn’t do it without you and look forward to seeing everyone on the 24th!

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As many of you are aware, over the course of years we’ve seen the flow in Mill Creek fall dramatically. While as of now we have been unable to definitively determine the cause for the loss of flow, we feel confident that this reduction can be directly attributed to the increased mining activity along the creek. The minimal flow that Mill Creek currently has provides domestic use for our neighbors who live in the area.


As you also are aware, CPASA is currently protesting another large-volume stream water permit for Arbuckle Aggregates. CPASA has requested that Arbuckle Aggregates' stream water permit be conditioned, allowing them to have their fully requested allocation but only to take the withdrawal when the base flow allows for those domestic users in the area to continue to protect their water source.


We now have yet another stream water permit application, this one filed by Ashby Investments, LLC, requesting 1,200 acre-feet for mining activities at the Ashby Blue Sky Quarry.


CPASA has filed an official protest to the Ashby application with the Oklahoma Water Resources Board and will be seeking the same conditions for this permit request as we are seeking for Arbuckle Aggregates. We encourage anyone who may be adversely affected by this large withdrawal without conditions to file an individual protest.

For those of you wishing to file a protest to the Ashby application, we've attached a form which outlines all the necessary information that must be included in your protest in order for it to be valid. This can be downloaded and printed by clicking on the links below.

Ashby Surface Water Permit Protest Form

These protests are due at the Oklahoma Water Resources Board by Monday, June 17th, at 5:00pm. They can be faxed to (405) 530-8800 or emailed to marynell.brueggen@owrb.ok.gov.


Since there is little to no information readily available from the Oklahoma Water Resources Board about the process for protesting an application, the information below is meant to help individuals who want to protest but need more information to do so.

1. Due to the quickly approaching deadline to protest, the letter of protest should be sent to Mary Nell Brueggen at the Oklahoma Water Resources Board by email at marynell.brueggen@owrb.ok.gov or by fax at (405) 530-8900.


A copy of the protest must also be sent to Ashby. It can either be faxed to (972) 612-2130 or mailed to the address below:


            Ashby Investments, LLC

            ATTN: William Rapier

            2700 Mendocino Circle

            Plano, TX 75093


2. Include your name, mailing address, and email address (if applicable).

3. You should identify that you are wishing to protest the following application:  


Ashby Investments, LLC; Application No. 2019-0005


4. You should briefly summarize your concerns.  This will be personal to each of you. It could range from a specific concern about your ability to have adequate water supply for your property to a general concern that the operations will impact the flow in Mill Creek and negatively affect the surrounding area.  Describe as much as you can about how the permit would affect you.

Once again, we so appreciate our members for their continued, dedicated commitment to seeing that the Arbuckle-Simpson will remain the treasure that we all love.


Amy Anne Ford

CPASA President

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