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Durant Daily Democrat: Durant Joins Battle Over Water

The Durant City Council voted to submit a legal brief in support of the City of Tishomingo which is being sued by two mining companies over a city ordinance related to groundwater. Councilmember Oden Grube voted against the action which she called “moral support” for Tishomingo. However,

Durant’s city attorney and those involved in the lawsuit say nothing less than both city’s water rights are at stake.

At the council’s regular meeting this past Tuesday, city attorney Thomas Marcum asked the council to approve his involvement in the case of Vulcan Construction Materials, LLC v City of Tishomingo as a friend of the court and to prepare a brief on the issues of the case from Durant’s point of view.

“If (the lawsuit against Tishomingo) goes the way it probably should then those issues will already have been decided,” Marcum said. “It may reduce the chances that we’ll have to actually get involved in a lawsuit.”

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