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Update on Hanson Aggregates

Many of you may have seen Hanson Aggregates, LLC’s legal notices in the paper for its mining permit and surface water permit.  CPASA and Hanson reached a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) in 2011 that requires Hanson to adopt certain management practices aimed at protecting the region’s water resources, many of which go beyond current state regulatory requirements.  

CPASA appreciates Hanson’s proactive and transparent approach and its willingness to utilize sound science in addressing well-founded community concerns.  During the negotiations, CPASA’s singular objective was to reach an agreement that is protective of the springs and streams of the Arbuckle-Simpson Aquifer. CPASA believes the agreement accomplished that goal.  CPASA and Hanson have held two public meetings to discuss the MOU.

Key features of the agreement include:

  • Setting maximum annual limits on volume and use of all groundwater and surface water, including pit water from groundwater infiltration.

  • The formation of a community advisory panel and a technical advisory committee that will review Hanson’s operating and water use plans before beginning or changing mining operations.

  • Hanson’s incorporation of the technical advisory committee’s recommendations regarding a monitoring system on the aquifer and Mill Creek.

  • Monitoring groundwater and surface water for at least one year prior to commencing mining activities and continuing the monitoring system throughout the life of the mine.

  • Implementing a system to monitor groundwater and rain water volumes entering the mine pit and used in aggregates washing, as recommended by the technical advisory committee.

  • Establishing a base flow for Mill Creek to ensure that the water used by Hanson for quarry operations does not negatively impact the minimum water flow necessary to maintain the environmental integrity of Mill Creek.

  • Providing at least one year’s advance notice before commencing aggregates washing activities at the quarry.

CPASA believes these terms are protective of the Aquifer. As this Memorandum of Understanding will be attached to all of Hanson’s water permits, as well as their mining permit, the issues outlined in the document are fully enforceable and legally binding. As such, CPASA will not be filing a protest to Hanson’s applications.  However, CPASA’s decision does not affect any individual’s right to protest.

You can find a copy of CPASA’s MOU with Hanson on the Timeline of Mining Issues on CPASA’s website at or directly at


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