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Historic Day for Oklahoma!

In case you were busy living your life, you may have missed that yesterday was an historic day for Oklahoma! While you were busy folding your laundry, running your carpool, earning your paycheck, or constantly refreshing your Facebook page, The Oklahoma County District Court ruled to uphold the Maximum Annual Yield on the Arbuckle Simpson Aquifer, often referred to as Senate Bill 288.

Now while that may mean something to some of you, and may be completely foreign to most of you, what it really means is that those of us who live in South Central Oklahoma can rest assured that when we turn on our faucets to grab a drink of water, to bathe our children, or are looking to grow our business, that water will be managed in such a way that provides a continued flow of water for generations to come.

Some thirteen years ago, a group of dedicated folks committed their time, their money and their energy to ensure that that South Central Oklahoma wouldn't be left dry and desolate when the threat of massive pumping was realized that would have transferred the major source of water out of our area. Yesterday, those efforts were upheld by the Court. It cannot be understated the gratitude each of us should have for all the individuals, organizations, legislators, tribal partners and area stakeholders who stepped up and stepped in to protect South Central Oklahoma.

Without getting into the minutia and the long, long history behind this effort, what it means for each of us as Oklahomans is that tonight we can sleep better knowing that our water will continue to flow.

We do encourage all of you to to like CPASA's Facebook page, follow us on Twitter (@CPASAOK), and visit, where you can join in supporting the effort and the continued challenges facing the Arbuckle Simpson.

Now please go have a drink of water on me!!

Amy Ford, CPASA President

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